January 22, 2019


Kenosha Transcription Services provides high-quality, cost-effective medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, and physician offices and offers solutions to satisfy all your transcription needs.

Our management team offers clients over 75 years of experience in the healthcare documentation field, allowing us to understand that each client has unique requirements and to find ways to meet your individual needs. We work closely with our customers to make their jobs easier and to save them time and money.

Our medical transcriptionists have from 5 to 40 years experience - all at the acute care hospital level - and are committed to delivering the finest final product to our customers within the turnaround time requirements established. All transcripts are delivered with an average accuracy of not less than 99% and meet AAMT standards. All transcripts are safeguarded in accordance with federally-mandated HIPAA standards. Our medical transcriptionists are seasoned professionals who reside in the United States; we do not outsource overseas.

Our rates are extremely competitive, and we offer both permanent and temporary support. Contracts bearing a substantial workload are eligible for our “discount for volume” incentive!

Our turnaround for STAT reports is 1 to 4 hours; all routine dictation will be returned within 24 to 48 hours. Prioritizing document types, efficient workflow expertise, and skilled specialists enable us to offer a perfect turnaround time that suits each client’s specifications. Our customized services exceed our customers’ expectations.